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American Wagyu Beef


The beauty of American Wagyu Beef is its simplicity. It has been raised from the finest stock in the best environment for an intense and succulent beef flavor to be savored and enjoyed. This delicious beef offers positive nutritional benefits as well. Wagyu cattle are genetically predisposed to a higher percentage of unsaturated fat – more than any other breed.


“Prime,” the highest U.S.D.A. marbling grade for beef, does not clearly represent the premium quality level of American Wagyu Beef. We use a combination of Japanese and U.S. grading systems since the Japanese system includes marbling scores higher than U.S.D.A. Prime. Meeting Japan’s exclusive marbling requirements means that American Wagyu Beef exceeds the quality of other U.S. beef brands.

The Butter Knife Beef

American Wagyu Beef is extremely tender and delicious. When you cut into a quality steak, you expect it to be tender, but American Wagyu Beef is known as the Butter Knife Beef because you can cut it with a butter knife. Our beef tastes wonderful. It graces your palate like a fine wine, with complex flavors, subtle sweetness and a lingering finish. This is the American Wagyu Beef difference that you can taste.